Who is organizing this festival?

Heartfulness Institute and local wellness professionals/ groups are co-creating this event.

What is the Heartfulness Institute

Heartfulness Institute is a non-profit organization with the sole aim of providing a simple, free-of-cost meditation practice to any interested individual.

In an era where constant stimulation of the mind leads to restlessness and general dissatisfaction,  we tend to look for tranquility and peace of mind outside. Heartfulness is a simple meditative practice that invites a practitioner to look within themselves, disconnect the restless mind from it’s external sources of power and experience what difference a simple, 20 minute silent meditation can make in their daily lives.

Why is this festival free and how can you afford to do this for free?

A group of volunteers that truly believe in the idea of Heart festival are reaching deep into their hearts to fund this vision. This festival is a venue where people can come and explore the various facets of their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being and find practices that enhance their potential to create their own reality.

If you truly believe in the vision behind this festival and would like to contribute,  please reach out to us at info@HeartFestival.org

Genesis of the festival

The genesis of this festival began with an intent to bring the community together to collectively explore, relax and rejuvenate.

Heart Festival is a platform where we can come together to explore and strengthen the oneness which binds us all together. Join us as we explore the factors that lead to a  balanced existence that promotes a  healthy life harmoniously synced with nature.

For the seekers of inner peace,  there will be meditation sessions where people of all walks of practices and beliefs can come together to collectively find our inner center. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to meditate, we can help!

…and last but not least, this event is free! We heartfully invite you to come and make this festival special.